Progressive Deadbolt Practice Board

I brought this to BSides SF a few weeks ago with the promise to provide the measurements and construction notes to anyone interested. It took a while to get around to writing it up, but without further ado, here it is. I need to provide credit to my co-worker Craig, whose version this is a copy of.

Wood: A 3′ 2×8 cut once, or a 6′ 2×8 cut thrice (if that’s all the lumber yard will sell you or you want to make two of these. Any decent lumber store should rip it for you for free.)

Locks: Standard entry-level Kwicksets, with pins removed to make a progressive 1-2-3-4-5 pin set. You can actually use pretty much any locks that mount in a door: read the installation instructions that come with them and modify the distance the holes are offset from the edge of the board accordingly.

Tools: If you get the lumber store to make the cuts for you, all you need is a drill press or power drill with a 2″-diameter hole saw (make sure that’s the exterior dimension, or double check against the installation instruction for the deadbolts) and a small spade bit. A belt sander is nice to finish the whole thing off, but not strictly necessary.

TOOOLs: Awesome folks who deserve respect and beer.

Other Notes: The handle on the top makes it much easier to transport, so don’t try to save yourself a buck on that. There are three wood screws drilled from the bottom to hold the vertical board to the base.

This diagram has both the assembled board and the cuts you’ll want to make to a 6″ 2×8 to make two of these.

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