BSides WiKID VPN for Linux

WiKID Systems is offering free VPN during RSA and B-Sides. If you want to take advantage of it and you’re on Linux, there are a couple missing steps in the directions. This should help fill in the gaps (and hopefully get @WiKIDsystems off tech-support duty when he should be enjoying the conference).

  1. mkdir ~/Desktop/VPN
  2. cd ~/Desktop/VPN
  3. wget
  4. wget
  5. wget
  6. wget
  7. java -jar wikidtoken-3.1.6-installer.jar

Okay, answer the install questions following Nick’s directions. When done it’s installed at  ~/WiKIDToken. You will have to make one change: fix a jar reference in ~/WiKIDToken/ Use your deity-ordained editor of choice and change the last line as shown here:

#Old; references nonexistent jar
#java -Duser.language=${LANGUAGE}${COUNTRY} -jar jWiKID.jar
#Changed to use provided jar
java -Duser.language=${LANGUAGE}${COUNTRY} -jar wikidtoken.jar

Now install and configure openVPN.

  1. sudo apt-get install openvpn openvpn-blacklist
  2. sudo cp ca.crt /etc/openvpn/ca.crt

Finally, use this cool WiKID VPN thing!

  1. Find the launcher link created by the installer (Applications > Other > WiKID Token Client) and run it. Enter your passphrase when prompted and choose the Website Access Domain (aka 888888888888). Enter your pin and you’ll get a one-time key (if you don’t have the launcher, cd into ~/WiKIDToken and run instead).
  2. In another window, do sudo openvpn client.conf (where client.conf is the path to the client.conf file you wgot above).
  3. At the username prompt, enter the username you registered with (not your email). When asked for a password, give the one time key generated by WiKIDToken Client

That’s it; you should see openVPN scroll a whole bunch of data channel messages and route configuration stuff, and at the end you’ll see Initialization Sequence Completed. You’re on!

Many thanks to everyone at WiKID Systems for offering this service!

Questions? Comment here, find me at B-Sides, or try me on twitter (@coffeetocode).

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