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Charlie Brown’s Nightmare Before Christmas

Wednesday, January 26th, 2011

I always enjoy reading the Christmas Challenges created by Ed Skoudis and Yori Kvitchko over at This year’s puzzle was “The Nightmare Before Charlie Brown’s Christmas” and offered a chance to play around with VoIP, which I don’t get to do much of normally.

The winners were just posted, and my entry got the nod for Best Creative Entry. This is particularly awesome for me since the original Counter Hack (by Skoudis) was one of the first security books I ever bought.

I highly recommend reading through the contest and the answers; as always, the technical walkthrough is hugely informative, and they cover a massive toychest of wicked VoIP hacking utilities. There’s also some pretty nice command line kung foo (hat tip) that makes me remember the power of the Unix philosophy of small tools.