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Mostly Ready for BlackHat & Defcon

Monday, July 26th, 2010

As everyone’s gearing up for the madness this week, I thought I’d join in. I’ll be giving talks at both BlackHat and Defcon on some of my recent work in webapp fingerprinting.

At BlackHat: (Wed 7/28, 1515) BlindElephant: Web Application Fingerprinting with Static Files

At Defcon: (Fri 7/30, 1400) Web Application Fingerprinting with Static Files

The Defcon talk is essentially a shorter, more technically focused version of the BH talk. Links to code available here after the talk!

I’ve been sorting through the massive amount of content on display over the next week, and the various posts others have made on what they intend to catch have been useful. Here’s some of my “want to see” list (I actually found there’s usually at least two presentations I really want to see in each timeslot, but I gotta choose):


I’m kinda bummed I’m at 1515 because I actually really wanted to catch Arshan Dabirsiaghi:
JavaSnoop: How to Hack Anything Written in Java.


And finally, my coworker Rami is going to be giving the details on the malware detection he built. He’s modest about the underlying techniques, but the full system is pretty cool. Do check it out.

I hope to get to BSides for at least a while, and I haven’t even figured out what I’m going to catch at Defcon (somehow it seems less amenable to planning than Black Hat)

If you’ll be be around, look me up! As usual, email or @coffeetocode on Twitter.